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Glas full of absinth.

Volvo amazon with neon

Party with a cool Volvo Amazon.

AP Surprise visit

Ap shows up and gets the party started.

Bohlin School Party

School Party wich I ended up joining.

Carro Björn Party

A very drunk Bohlin is always fun.

Delsbo Cissi

Cissis house with the greatest parties as predicted.

Dex World Cup

Some silly sport called Bandy.


Having a realy great time with friends and a few bowling balls.


The champion catches that big pike again.


Hunting Jesus at Håversjön.

At home

A few pictures from home.

At work

A few pictures from work.

Hultsfred Festival

Hultsfred festival greatest year so far.

Hultsfred Festival Gamkiller

Hultsfred festival pictures from gamkiller camera.


Silly pictures of JF.

JF and AK

More fun pictures of us.

Christmas day

Gods Kitchen and Stadt Ljusdal.

Kyrksjön Ljusdal

A walk around closest lake in Ljusdal. Kyrksjön.

Sony Ericsson K750i

Comparing quality with cellphone camera and digital camera.

Laptop size compare

Laptops, lifebook p7010, inspiron 500m and a Hewlett-Packard.

Saturday night live

Where's my Jay Leno? Ohh, there he is!


Celebrating midsummer home and at Cissis place.


Mmm...homer would like this.

New years eve, incl wormhole

What the hell happend? It must have been some kind of wormhole.

Lifebook P7010

Pictures of my beautifull laptop.

Perka Party

Annual Perka Party and this year Perka gone way over his head.

Party Jawa

Jawa show what manoeuvers she can do.

Party Party

More parties, please!

Roskilde Festival

No words can explain this one. Check the pictures.

Shopping in Gävle

Doing some shopping in Gävle.


Jumping around at Stadt Ljusdal.


Some kind of student gathering.

Tobbe, Jenny Sundsvall

I hope no one saw us trashing that BMW :P

Tommy tommy

Tommy wants to know to much and gets sick. Achtung! puke pictures.

Torch Vaporizer

Check the video. Everything ignites with this torch.

Total Festival

Drugfree festival in Jonsparken, Ljusdal. Hovendroven was great.


Wine hangover is no fun with only a lake to drink from. Bring water next time.


Celebrating Valborgsmässeafton in Uppsala.

Another Party

No idea were I was but it was fun as long as it lasted.


Helping father to restore this place called Vik.

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