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Just some pictures of friends.

2 weeks to christmas

Let's have a beer.

Liniment Fun

Drinking liniment, rock and roll.

Christmas Kenneth

I want liniment for christmas.

Perka på Semester

Perkas pictures from his vacation.


A lot of pictures and videos from baseball training.

Cissi Delsbo

Crazy party at Cissi, Delsbo.

Dex World Cup

Dex World cup, but to drunk for taking pictures probably.

Ella och Idlund krock

What's left of the car after driving into a tree.

Fullast Ida

Ida WAS drunk.


Great festival in Hultsfred, Sweden.


Happy new year! To bad battery went dead in camera when boobs start showing up.

Gods Kitchen

A few beers with friends at local pub Gods Kitchen.

Percy Party

Just another party.

Annual Perka Party

The annual perkaparty, beer, boat and fire action.

Peter Ankerstål och hans skägg

The man, the myth, the legend. How does one grow this kind of beard?

Roskilde Festival

First time at roskilde festival. Muddy and rainy but great people and a good partytent.

Semester i turkiet

Sun is the shit. The food was awesome.

Twenty4help Nicator Support

My old work as a support technician.

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