Canon Ixus 800, Powershot SD700

The Digital IXUS 800 IS (PowerShot SD700 IS) is the current flagship model of the Digital IXUS series. Though it has a 6 megapixel sensor (compared to 7 megapixels on IXUS 750), it has 4x optical zoom, optical image stabilizer and a higher resolution 2.5 inch LCD in a body of similar dimensions to the first Digital IXUS.

This ultra-compact digital camera fom Canon is released in Europe, the US and Japan under different names...

Europe: Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS.
USA: Canon PowerShot SD700 IS.
Japan: Canon IXY Digital 800 IS.

Features and highlights

6.0 Megapixels
A 6.0 Megapixel CCD sensor captures every scene with enough fine detail for large photo quality prints.

4x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer
A compact 4x optical zoom lens features Canon's optical Image Stabilizer (IS) technology to counteract camera shake - particularly noticeable at slower shutter speeds, full zoom and in low light conditions.

ISO 800 and IS
ISO 800 and High ISO Auto settings combine with optical IS to allow flash-free shooting indoors or in low light conditions. They also enable shooting at higher shutter speeds, further reducing image blur from camera shake and subject movement.

Cutting edge technology
Canon's DIGIC II processor ensures fast, responsive camera performance and superb image processing. iSAPS technology analyses each scene to optimise key camera settings even before a shot is taken.

Large 2.5" LCD
The 2.5" LCD screen features a wide viewing angle for easy group viewing with friends. Quick-bright gives instant screen brightness in outdoor conditions. Night Display mode improves visibility after dark for easy night shooting.

Widescreen recording
Shoot stills in Widescreen 16:9 mode for playback on widescreen TV or printing on wide size paper with a SELPHY CP printer.

High quality movies
Shoot extra long 30fps VGA movies with full audio, or record QVGA movies at 60fps and analyze in sharp slow motion.

Sample photos

Ixus 800 sample photo
Canon Sample 1
Ixus 800 sample photo
Canon Sample 2
Ixus 800 sample photo
Canon Sample 3
Ixus 800 sample photo
Canon Sample 4

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Canon IXUS 800 IS