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Free Page Rank 3 link

2008-08-17: Yes that's right. Just join Xtopsites.net to obtain your free google page rank 3 link.

Clevo M720R

2008-01-29: Oops! A new year already! Been occupied with other activities than updating my website. I guess I have a few pictures that never got added from the year 2007. Hopefully I'll get more energy to update the pictures and this site in general. Anyhow, added a small info page about my new laptop I bought 1:st december 2007. It's a Clevo M720R. Could happen that I'll add a few pages about my new SwedX-TV, Xbox 360, Sony Ericsson P1i and my Core 2 Quad desktop...soonish ;)

New pictures

2007-05-06: Wow, an update! Been busy with my new job as a consultant for TechTeam SQM. Right now I'm work in a servicedesk department for S|E|B. Below you will find some new picture section I've recently added.

Beta testing a new menu

2007-03-15: Completed a new menu yesterday and now beta-testing it on this index page, send me feedback if you have any problems or suggestions about it. The menu should look something like this.

My new hardware

2007-02-27: So today was my first day at my new job. I'll add some info about that later but with a new job comes new toys ;) Some of my new hardware is Compucase S411 4U Rack Mount, Hiper Type-R Modular PSU, Asus P5B Deluxe, Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz, Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 2048MB.

Internet radio stream

2007-01-30: Been playing around with musicpd, icecast and mpdscribble today, now you can tune in on my internet radio stream and check what I'v been listening to at my last.fm account.

Incoming pictures for 2007

2007-01-22: Added the page for the incoming pictures of 2007. Already four archives of pictures, The kitchen, Nachos, Gunstone LAN 07, Andersson O3 LCD-TV. More will come up soon.

Swedish flag Blivande Frisörska, Anna-Karin Hedman

2007-01-07: Helped my girlfriend Anna-Karin Hedman to start up a website about her becoming a hairdresser. Swedish text only for now.

Swedish flag Sökmotoroptimeringstävling

2007-01-06: Helping my friend david.nu trying to win SEO-SM. Check his Swedish news feeds at Aftonbladhet, Expressn and Svenska Dagladhet.

Celebrating new years eve in Stockholm 2006/2007

2007! First time celebrating a new year in Stockholm, Sweden. Fireworks all over the sky for days! Sentimental time to reflect on the past year and what to come has been very present. I wish you all a happy new year!

My Fluxbox christmas screenshot

2006-12-12: No updates in a month now, been busy doing other things. Anyway, here is a screenshot from my laptop. It's the fluxbox window manager, my "Connected" style, running xsnow, a few pseudo transparent terminals with a matching winter background.

And by the way, a few things I want for christmas is Xorg 7.2 in FreeBSD ports, maybe Beryl or other cool XGL stuff and FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.

Merry Christmas! ;-)

Weird Psyance - Rave in Stockholm, Alby

2006-11-18: Marionett.org held a nice event in Alby, Stockholm. Performing live: Space Tribe, Electric Universe and ESP. Dancing for 6 straight hours..."the energy, the magic, the beauty."

Adobe Flash Player 9 on FreeBSD/Linux

2006-11-06: I'v added a page about using Adobe Flash Player 9 on FreeBSD today. The Linux plugin has stability issues right now but maybe it can be solved. Hopefully we can enjoy a native flash player on FreeBSD in the future.

ExTe World Cup Bandy Ljusdal

2006-10-24: Upcoming world cup event in Ljusdal. I'll be there with my loyal digitalcamera. Watch out!


2006-10-22: Tantogården at Tantolunden in Södermalm, Stockholm. On stage: Mike band, Stockholm syndrome and Adjusted.

Bilder från Stockholm

2006-10-16: Got lost somewhere in Stockholm so why not take a bunch of silly pictures...

Margaretavägen i Jakobsberg, Järfälla

2006-10-04: Me and my girlfriend moved from Ljusdal to Jakobsberg this Monday and here are all the pictures so far... 100 Mbit/s connection will be well used soon :D

Yellow mike band, Järnvägs

2006-09-18: Me and a few friends was drinking a few beers at Järnvägshotellet this Saturday. Yellow mike band played...

Susanne Hedman 30-års kalas

2006-09-13: So here is the last weekends party. My girlfriends sisters 30th birthdayparty.

Hemma hos Pontus

2006-09-06: Finally my hangover is gone and I can put up a few pictures from this weekends party :P

Chat with others on jail.se

2006-08-28: Stumbled upon a chat called Gabbly. So now you can chat with others that visit this website. Recommended to use: Get Firefox!

Xtopsites Network

2006-08-17: I'v been working on a little project lateley. It's a site that ranks other sites after how many visitors they send. It's still in a early beta stage but if you like to, you could (probably) add your own website to it already.

FreeBSD on Fujitsu P7010

2006-08-03: The page about using FreeBSD on my laptop Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7010 got updated tonight.

Perka Summerparty 06

2006-07-25: The annual party that always have some kind of action, one way or another.

ATTENTION: Moving to new server.

2006-07-19: Some things takes some time to transfer. Bare with me.
UPDATE: Now everything should be working again. If you find a 404 then contact me.

Nore Ljusdal 06

2006-07-09: Chill party on Nore beach.

Roskildefestivalen 2006

2006-07-04: I'm now back from the roskilde festival and have put up the images from the festival. Videoclips will be there soon.

Cruising Ljusdal

2006-06-18: Cruising night in Ljusdal. Movies will be uploaded soon.

Roskildefestivalen 2006

2006-06-14: Added a page for the upcoming roskilde festival. The page is temporary right now, more info will be added soon and there will be a lot of pictures and videoclips there (during)after the festival.

Changing the index

2006-06-14: Added this news/changelog/headsup index so you can see what's up. If you find any bugs, misspelling or has any other feedback do not hesitate to contact me.


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